Testing electrical equipment in a variety of settings, from industrial complexes to homes. Also offering a specialized tape maintenance and advanced trouble shooting. Make sure your products are in working order and contact us to book a appointment. 

Commercial Solar

Solar for commercial properties is starting to grow in popularity at a rapid rate. Decreasing of your electricity cost, tax incentives, long-term sustainability and are major factors in the decision making process. Make sure you embrace the future by implementing solar power

Electrical Construction 

Installing of wiring electrical controls in residential or commercial buildings. We do not want any of our customers to worry about safety, thus we offer a certificate of compliance that shows it is up to standard with health and safety legislation 

Residential Solar

Residential solar installations. Designed and made based on your output and energy needs. This includes battery backup and custom grids. Make sure to contact us so we can give you an estimate of what you might need to get started.

Electrical & Renovation 

With electrical and renovation we offer new development, shock fitting
specialize lighting solutions as a new installation or renovating old installations.